Good News, WOODTV is reporting the two kids who were reported missing in the Holland Township, prompting an Amber Alert were found safe just couple blocks away from their home.

According to WOODTV, Lily Ann Osborne, 4-years-old and her brother Rowan, who’s 3-years-old, wondered away from their home on Lakewood Blvd just before noon Thursday.

Ottawa County deputies extensively searched around the home and the area nearby area even getting helicopters involved.  Authorities finally found two kids, locked in a pickup at MI Auto Center, located on the same street as the children’s house.

The search took about 2 hours and the deputy who found them thought they could have been in the truck for maybe close to an hour.  Thank goodness it wasn’t any hotter today.

Captain Mark Bennett of the Ottawa Co. sheriff’s office told WOODTV:

“The deputy broke the window out and the two were extricated from that vehicle. They were seen by the medical authorities on scene and appear to be OK,” Bennett said.


The two have been returned home to their parents.

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