I have to admit, hanging out and "living" in a large retail store would probably be kinda fun.

Like when sitcom TV characters are locked in some sort of funny predicament. Fonzie and the gang locked in Mr. C's vault in Cunningham Hardware. The "Friends" friends in the bedroom, while Ross and Rachel discuss their break-up.

My son has asked me more than one time: "What would it be like to live in a store?"

And I tell him: "You wouldn't go hungry"

One youth from suburban Dallas camped out in a local Walmart for three days without being detected, CBS affiliate KTVT-TV reported.

KTVT reports that:

A 14-year-old Texas boy who went missing for nearly three days was discovered living at a Walmart store where he had carved out hiding places in shelves stacked with products and foraged for food in other aisles, police and news reports said on Wednesday. The boy slept in two makeshift shelters hidden from public view at a store in Corsicana, one in the baby gear aisle behind boxes of strollers and the other behind bulk paper towels and toilet paper."

Two sad asides.

First, how did NO ONE PERSON from the Walmart store notice this?

And second, read this line from later in the KTVT report:

The boy is thought to have worn diapers instead of using the store restroom and changed outfits to avoid being detected by store employees."

O ... K ...