Meet Kelly Hogan Painter, she is a Mom who lives in North Carolina and has gone viral after using an interesting substitute for a face mask while going to the store.

According to a story from The Huffington Post, the 35-year-old mother was told by her husband that she should not go to the store unless she found something to use as a face mask.  After searching the house for something to use as a mask, she decided on her son's Buzz Lightyear toy helmet.  Sure, the seal probably wasn't that good, and the protection provided by it wasn't optimal, but it was better than nothing.

Kelly posted her trip to the store on Facebook and it went blew up shortly after it was posted, you can check out the video below.

That original video was posted last week, and since then, Kelly has put on the helmet one more time and went to Sam's Club for another shopping trip.

That second time around it looks like she was just wearing it more for the laughs and less for the protection.

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