UPDATE: the goats are home!

This is one of the saddest things that I came across today, MOO-Ville creamery in Nashville Michigan, which is just southeast of Hastings, posted to their Facebook page that they’re looking whoever came to the farm last night and stole their baby goats.

The post says that whoever stole the goats took 6 babies, which according to the post, are less than two months old, and would now be very hungry and scared. Also, the kids that own these kids (what you call baby goats) are heartbroken and want their friends back. Which makes this an even sadder story, because so many little kids, between the baby goats and the real children, are involved in this story.

The person behind the post says there is video evidence, and that the sheriff’s department hasn’t given the OK to post the footage online, as they are continuing their investigation, but that when they get the go-ahead they will post it.

The post reads that if you stole the goats and you bring them back before the video is released charges won’t be filed. As long as the goats return without harm.

That's pretty cool of them to say that as long as the goats are returned quickly and unharmed, they won't file charges.  My guess is though since they took six goats, you'll need to release the footage so we can all help identify who the thief or thieves are.

The baby goats are part of MOO-ville Creamery’s experience when you bring your family to tour the dairy farm.

There are a lot of comments on the post, of people who had just recently visited the farm and fed the goats, as well as pleas to whoever stole them to bring the goats back to their home.

A few of the comments posted:

Oh my gosh!! We were just there playing with these sweet babies on Saturday night!! We enjoyed them so much!! I’m praying you get your babies back! What horrible human beings!! This makes my blood boil!!

Wow!! The nerve of some people!! My kids & I just visited for our first time a couple weeks ago & they loved it!! I can't wait to take them back!! Prayers that whomever has a little decency left in them to return those babies#PrayForTheWorld

Please who ever took them bring them back. Your not only hurting the baby goats but look at those little kids. Can you imagine how they are feeling. More than likely you have children also would you want them to feel that pain. Probably not so step up like an adult and bring them back home.

Barry County Sheriff’s office is leading the investigation, in case you have any info give them a call at  (269) 948-4800.

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