More rain this week equals more bugs this weekend. Puddles of water are breeding grounds for more mosquitoes. It only takes a few days for the mosquito eggs to hatch and they'll be on the hunt looking for an easy meal. I was surprised to learn that after hatching their lifespan is only up to seven days...shorter if they get swatted on your arm. How can a bug be so pesky with a lifespan of only one week?

There are more mosquitoes out at dawn and dusk. And if you live close to swampy areas there are plenty of them around.

Here's some ways to keep the mosquitoes away this weekend. Here are some options besides the normal bug sprays that are very effective.

AVON "SKIN SO SOFT" The Original Bath Oil Spray is really effective on keeping those little buggers away and doesn't smell bad, plus makes your legs and arms very smooth. Not an Avon member. You can order "Skin So Soft" from Amazon for around $11.00 on sale for the 5 fl. oz. spray bottle.

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BULLFROG "MOSQUITO COAST" With Mosquitio in the name, you know they mean business. And what I really like is that you get a Sunblock of SPF 30 with an Insect Repellent that doesn't contain DEET. Priced around $8 to $9 dollars at retailers like Walmart. Comes in lotion and spray. Not as pleasant fragrance as the "Skin So Soft" but doesn't smell like Bug Spray.


AVON "SKIN SO SOFT-BUG GUARD PLUS: This is the best of both worlds. You get the nice softness to the touch of the original Bath Oil Spray. Plus SPF 30 Sunscreen that is water resistance for 80 minutes and the Insect Repellent. Also has Vitamin E & Aloe. This one costs a little more at just over $13.00 at retailers and on-line.

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