There really isn't a patent on me finding food deals around town. I just happen to follow a couple of websites, and I like to eat. Mostly the deals I find are stuff I like. Today is not the case. Well let me explain.

I like Burger King. Give me a Whopper and an order of onion rings and I'm good. I also like bacon doublecheese burgers and that new fangled Coke machine in the stores these days.

But if you like coffee, then BK is your place. From Brand Eating .com

"Burger King invites you to try their new coffee with a 25-cent Small Coffee promotion that starts today, February 18, 2013, and runs through Sunday, March 10, 2013. Burger King recently switched their coffee blend to new Smooth Roast by Seattle's Best (the previous coffee blend was also by Seattle's Best).
A small coffee at Burger King comes in a 12-ounce cup and under the 25-cent promotion, customers can choose to have it either hot or iced."

Always trying to find you a deal!


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