For the second time this week, we have to report that a Mexican gray wolf pup has died because of the mosquito-borne disease, Eastern equine encephalitis, at the Binder Zoo.

Binder Park Zoo said in their Facebook post, that canine cases of EEE are extremely rare and there is no approved vaccination for them, but Wednesday morning they got confirmation from test results that EEE was the cause of death and not the congenital liver abnormality they originally thought could have killed the wolf pup.

The zoo also said that three other types of animals they have are susceptible to the disease but have approved preventative vaccinations. Those animals are the zebras, ostriches and Przewalski’s horses, which the zoo vaccinates those animals yearly for the disease.

According to their Facebook post, the zoo now has five bug spray stations around the zoo to protect visitors from the mosquitos, and they are open outside of peak biting hours, 10 am to 4 pm.

If you're worried about mosquitos in your yard and around your family, there are 35 companies that are licensed to spray for mosquitos in Kenty County, find out who to call HERE.

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