Valentine's Day is just around the corner and many people are searching for the perfect gift for their S.O. Some people try to get creative but here in Michigan, we like the classics!

If you lived in Alaska, you might be looking for a weighted blanket for your love. In Idaho, they write love coupons. Arkansas lovers like matching tattoos. It's romantic dinners in Oklahoma and a puppy for Kentuckians. Tandem bicycle gifts, couples massages and flowers are on the list too.  Champagne tops the list in many states. What do we google the most for Valentine's Day gifts in Michigan? It's chocolate!

Data from Google Trends indicate that the term “Valentine’s gift for him” was searched more than 2 times the term “Valentine’s gifts for her” was searched. However, the guys are spending more. According to a study conducted by, men spend $339 on average while women plan to spend significantly less, approximately $64. Men may spend more and they want more too. The article from Couponlawn states that men expect for ladies to spend about $211. Women would like an average of $154 spent.

Where are we getting these gifts? 36% are purchasing their gifts from department stores and only 11% buy items from a jewelry store. These gifts are not necessarily the most popular gift to receive, but the most searched for items, based on Google activity.

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