By Matthew Wilkening | Ultimate Classic Rock

Mötley Crüe premiered a new song titled "All Bad Things" on Wednesday night during the opening show of its farewell run The Final Tour in Grand Rapids.

Obviously, the recording of the song played at Van Andel Arena isn’t a band-endorsed, audiophile-quality recording. However, even in such rough form there’s enough to make us very curious to hear the studio version of this track.

"All Bad Things" — The Crüe’s first new music since 2012′s "Sex" single — features an extremely catchy, sing-along chorus: “All bad things must end / All bad things must die / Even the Devil’s gotta pay for his crimes / ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.”

It also boasts lyrics that once again reinforce just how serious the band are about their plans to retire from touring.

For example, “It’s been one hell of a ride / it’s been one hell of a night / It’s been a damn good life / This ain’t farewell it’s goodbye.” Or to be even more blunt, “Let’s pull the plug on this before it starts to rot.”

Mötley Crüe has made it quite clear that the recording of "All Bad Things" doesn’t mean they have any plans to record a brand new studio album.

“We’ve written some songs. ...,” bassist Nikki Sixx said. But "if you’re this kind of band at this stage of your career, you can’t be played on active rock; if you’ve been around for more than fifteen years, you’re classic rock, but classic rock radio doesn’t play new music. You just think, ‘f—, man, this sucks.’”

Mötley Crüe performs at Summerfest in Milwaukee tonight and at Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, Ind., near Indianapolis on The Final Tour, accompanied by Alice Cooper like in Grand Rapids.