A Dollar General Store in Grand Rapids has closed after a state inspection found it "unsanitary".

WZZM-13 reports that following a complaint, inspectors visited the Dollar General near the intersection of Madison Avenue SE and Hall Street SE earlier this week.

They found droppings, carcasses, and food packages that had been chewed through.

Jennifer Holton, with the Department of Agriculture told WZZM-13,

"We found rodent droppings that were too numerous to count throughout the entire store, on the shelves, on the floor and in the back storage area. There were dead mice carcasses, there were cockroach egg sacks on the retail shelves."

The State of Michigan issued a seizure and disposition order. The store voluntarily closed and disposed of all the food products.

The entire store must now be cleaned and sanitized; it's expected to be closed for weeks.

State inspectors will visit the store again before its allowed to re-open.

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