If the results of a Harris Poll study are any judge, 2020 was a year that saw a notable shift between pot and alcohol usage.

It turns out legalizing pot has shifted how we unwind in Michigan.

The study, done on behalf of Curaleaf, polled 2,000 adults ages 21 and over about how their habits changed since March of 2020.

Of those who said they’d never tried pot before, 42% said the started or increased their usage of weed during that time. Even more impactful, 45% said they’d made the switch to cannabis…giving up alcohol completely. As far as why that was the case, 54% said they chose weed to “reduce their stress and anxiety levels,” and 48% said it was “to help them sleep.”

Another interesting finding...the pot usage of parents. Pot smokers with kids said they’d increased their consumption to the tune of 54%. Conversely, respondents without kids only increased their smoking by 33%. Wow!

While it wasn’t one of the survey questions, it’s not a far leap to assume this had something to do with parents working from home while dealing with their little angels being homeschooled.


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