Michigan's Mo Wagner had a career game against Loyola Saturday, throwing down 24 points and grabbing 15 rebounds, but in his quest of a loose ball, he did his most damage, wrecking TV announcer Bill Raferty's glasses. And creating a meme in the process. Or is that a Mimi?

Wagner was hustling after a loose ball Saturday, when he flew into the TBS broadcast area, scaring the crap out of former Detroit Piston Grant Hill, and twisting up Bill Raftery's glasses.


But being the class guy that he is, Mo apologized to the TBS crew following the game.

The leap inspired a bunch of twitter memes, based on Grant Hill's expression when Mo made his leap.

It's all good in the end. Here's hoping Big Mo goes in for a double dip tonight, and they set Ann Arbor on fire. With joy. Not real fire. Don't do that, kids.

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