After a 3-9 season, Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio probably didn't need to hear that one of his top recruits had a lapse in judgement.

It seems a highly regarded defensive end headed to East Lansing couldn't sign his national letter of intent because he was in jail.

Yesterday was national letter of intent day which, for those of you who aren’t College Football junkies, simply means the day that high school football players across the nation signed their letters of intent with the colleges they intend to skip classes at while playing football.

But the problem for one Michigan State recruit was a big one. He was unable to stake his claim on the Spartan green—because he was clad in an Orange jumpsuit.

Donovan Winter, a three-star defensive end from Bishop Moore Catholic (Fla.) High School, was arrested on Monday night and charged with burglary and larceny of a firearm and you know when you’re robbing people and stealing guns it creates a lot of paperwork—which is why he was still being held in jail as of yesterday morning on $2,000 bond.

To make a long story short, Donovan has been accused of stealing a gun from his ex-girlfriend's Dad.

Not sure if this will result in him losing his scholarship and we can only hope it is a one time mistake for such a talented man with a bright future.

But if he does make the team, it shouldn’t be hard for opposing Big-10 QB’s to locate him on the field—because he was also ordered to wear a GPS device upon his release.

Hard to blindside a QB when you’re pinging in his helmet’s headset.

Bishop Moore’s head coach, Matt Hedrick, said that Winter would not be signing with Michigan State on Wednesday and that the reason why is a “long story.” No it isn’t. It’s a short story. "Once upon a time, I was an idiot. The End."

Winter led Bishop Moore with 57 tackles this season and had 24 tackles for loss and nine sacks. It’s unclear if the legal trouble will result in his scholarship offer being pulled.

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