So, you say you love winter in Michigan? That's fine. We can all appreciate the seasons, but there are a few things we can all agree are not-so-great about winter in Michigan.

It's Murphy's 5 Laws of Winter in Michigan.

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    Snowblowing Surprise in the Wind

    The snow in your driveway has started to pile up, so you went out and got to work with the snowblower. Maybe you even hit a neighbor's driveway or sidewalk too. Nice job! What's your reward? Nothing other than a surprise gust of swirling wind that changes the direction of the snow and throws it right back in your face. You're welcome.

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    Cold Snow, Wet Socks

    Coming indoors from the snow requires a little balancing act. Once your boots are off you've got to dodge all the little chunks of snow that made their way into the house, but no matter how careful you are you step on some snow while wearing your socks. Warm socks, meet cold snow. Every. Single. Time.

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    Shopping Cart/Bumper Cars

    Eventually, you'll have to make a run to the grocery store to see if there are any loaves of bread or gallons of milk left. Odds are you'll leave empty handed or with something you didn't plan on since the store has been cleaned out at this point. One thing is for sure, when you go back out to your car it will be surrounded in shopping carts stuck in six inches of heavy slush. Give your forearms a workout or play bumper cars. It's up to you.

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    Highway Whiteout

    You're cruising along on 131 happily going 45 mph when a car merges onto the highway in front of you. There's a good chance it fishtails a little bit as it cuts you off and tries to get up to speed, but it's guaranteed that the pile of snow on its roof is about to blow off straight at you to create your own personal whiteout condition. Good luck.

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    End of Driveway Snow Wall

    Imagine this dream scenario. You've snowblowed the whole driveway and the wind never swirled and blew back in your face. Next, you came indoors and successfully managed to dodge all of the snow piles after you took your boots off. Your socks are still warm and dry...but it's not over yet. As soon as you sit down you hear the snow plow come through your neighborhood. Now you have a wall of snow sitting at the end of your just-cleared driveway. It doesn't matter if there was hardly any snow left in the road. The snowplow will find a way to gather enough snow to block your exit. And it never comes through until after you think you're done. Have fun during round two!

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