While schools across Michigan have reversed their decision on fall sports happening after Governor Whitmer turned the decision over to the school districts and Michigan High School Athletic Association, one West Michigan school district has decided to still postpone the fall schedule.

WZZM 13 reports that Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System has decided to still postpone the fall sports schedule until the spring because as they told WZZM 13, their district has been "disproportionately impacted by the virus compared to the rest of Muskegon County with a positivity rate that is higher than the county average." They also decided to start the school year virtually.

Muskegon Heights Superintendent Rene Garcia told WZZM 13,

“As difficult as it is to make the decision to delay this season, we will follow the guidelines and advice of our public health officials. We value our students and community so much that we are willing to postpone the season until it is safer for students to compete.”

Wondering who they’ll play in the spring? WZZM 13 says there are around 100 schools that still haven’t told MHSAA whether or not they’ll play fall sports or not. So chances are, even for football, there will be at least a few schools that are also going to stay with spring schedules.

WZZM 13 reports that the MHSAA said in a news release their good with schools waiting until spring, but also said,

"Schools may still play football in the spring, organizing a local or league schedule but no MHSAA tournament will be offered," the release said, specifically discussing football. "The ultimate authority is local control and schools may conduct a sports season at a time different than the MHSAA conducts its season-ending tournaments."



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