Julia Koch, a first grade teacher in Muskegon Heights, recently called a kid's grandmother during an online class, because he was having issues with his computer. It may have saved her life.

Julia noticed the grandmother was having trouble talking, so she called 911.  She thought she was having a heart attack, but it was really a stroke.

And there's a good chance the call saved the woman's life.

The ordeal began when one of Koch's students was having issues with his computer. The teacher decided to reach out to the child's home to see if someone there could charge his tablet.

The woman who answered the phone was having trouble speaking, and Koch immediately sensed something was wrong, she wasn't sure what, but it was enough for her to call 911.

Cynthia Phillips, the first grader's grandmother, was indeed having a stroke, and Koch's decision to call emergency services probably saved her life.

Muskegon Heights Fire Chief Chris Dean says it did. He told WOOD-TV 8 News “I think that this teacher’s actions very well could have saved the woman’s life but at the least improved the quality of the rest of her life.”

The school district said it was a happy circumstance that was made possible through online learning.

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