Never did we think we'd live in a world where we'd have to remind people eating laundry detergent is dangerous.

Ever since the "Tide Pod Challenge" went viral it has almost become humorous. Memes have sparked laughter across the internet and its even inspired donuts at different bakeries.

I guess I didn't realize how out of control eating Tide pods was until Sunday afternoon when I was at CVS, in Grand Rapids. I was going down the households aisle when I saw this:

CVS on 28th St. (Christine George/TSM)
CVS on 28th St. (Christine George/TSM)

Sadly, but surely, it's 2018 and humans can't be trusted to buy laundry detergent pods. So much so that they have to be hidden behind a register. I wouldn't be surprised if those Cascade dishwasher pods are next... have you seen how pretty they are?!

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