If you've been following WFGR for a while - you've heard me play the "Sped up " of Version of Imaginary Lover by the Atlanta Rhythm Section - and how it sounds like Stevie Nicks. We'll, I've finally uncovered the origins of it - and yes, Stevie even knows about it!

From Rolling Stone:

It began when an FM station accidentally played the Atlanta Rhythm Section album cut "Imaginary Lover" at the wrong speed – 45. Favorable calls began to light up the switchboard, so the disc jockey let it play. Speeded up, the song sounded unmistakably like Fleetwood Mac, with Stevie Nicks warbling lead vocals.

News quickly reached Nicks in Los Angeles. She rushed out to buy the record and played it at the wrong speed. "I got chills," says Stevie. "It sounds exactly like something I'd sing, the way I'd sing it. I even played it for Christine [McVie], mixed in with some other demos for the new album. She complimented me on it."

Mystery Solved - Read the whole article HERE.