Do you have a doorbell camera? What about security cameras on your property? One Cedar Springs woman couldn't believe what her camera captured...

Angela Schreuder recently installed security cameras at her home, and early Sunday morning around 2:15am she was woken by her dogs barking. Schreuder told WOOD TV,

When I jumped up, I could see the silhouette of someone sitting. All my lights were off, and my dogs were like one was right here, and one was right here, and he had his hands up over his head and I flipped on the light and that’s when I realized that he was fully nude.

A man was standing in her entryway being corned by her dogs...and he was NAKED! Schreuder immediately yelled for her father to call the police. Quickly, her fear turned into anger and she began interrogating the nude dude. She adds,

I threw shorts at him to put on as I was waiting for the police to come get him out of my house.

Schreuder was thankful that her three children weren't home that night. The incident made her feel like her safe space was taken away. She says since the event, she can't sleep and has the police scanner next to her ear, watching her cameras.

Photo by Alberto Rodríguez Santana on Unsplash
Photo by Alberto Rodríguez Santana on Unsplash

Sgt. Joy Matthews with the Kent County Sheriff’s Office couldn’t comment to WOOD-TV8 on the specifics of this incident. She did encourage people to make sure their doors are locked. She advises you to invest in surveillance systems if possible and know that if someone does enter your home, you have the right to protect yourself.

Police couldn’t comment on what made the man go into the home or why he didn’t have any clothes on.

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