An assassin. A trained killer. Knows how to take a guy out. Really? Maybe...

"It almost seems comical or, at the very least, something out of a bad action movie. A government-trained killing machine was dating a NASCAR champion, who, in open court, testified that his ex-girlfriend, "could take me down at any moment, because she is a badass," according to the Associated Press.

Fiction, however, it is not, at least according to Kurt Busch. Busch believes Patricia Driscoll, the ex-girlfriend who alleges he assaulted her in his motorhome this past September, was actually a hired assassin who has taken down baddies around the globe.

Among the examples Busch provided was a trip the couple made to El Paso, Texas, which saw Driscoll leave their hotel in combat fatigues and return later wearing a trench coat over a blood-stained evening gown. Busch also said Driscoll showed him pictures of bullet-ridden bodies, which she claimed to be responsible for their demise.

"The whole point of this and the evidence is not whether she is or isn't (an assassin), but that she portrayed that to Kurt and she did a lot of things during the relationship that made him believe her," Rusty Hardin, Busch's attorney, told SB Nation in a phone interview.

"She represented herself (as an assassin) to Kurt and Kurt believed her and still does." Driscoll refuted those claims in a statement Wednesday, saying what many people joked about -- Busch's testimony and allegations that Driscoll was some kind of globe-trotting mercenary -- was in fact, lifted from a fictional movie script Driscoll hoped to turn into a film."

Wow. The crazy Ex stereotype...gets even a little more believable. Poor Kurt. The only thing he could possibly do is at least outdrive her.

Matt Sullivan/Getty Images
Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

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