Let’s start off with-First did you know that we’re having a national shortage on coins? It’s true and it’s all due to COVID-19.

Now as UpNorthLive.com reports, Meijer is announcing they will stop accepting coins and cash at their self-checkout lanes at most of their superstores.

First, let’s start off with this coin shortage business,  CNN.com explains it here as according to what the Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell told the House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday,

"What's happened is that, with the partial closure of the economy, the flow of coins through the economy has gotten all — it's kind of stopped. That's because the supply chain that coins usually flow through has been interrupted during the pandemic."

SO because of all of that, retailers across the country are asking for people to sell them rolled coins, or doing as Meijer and chasing the way they do business.

UpNorthLive.com posted a picture that read

“Due to national coin shortage, self-checkout registers are electronic payment only”
“(no cash back or bottle slip/Coinstar slip redemption for cash)”
“see a Meijer team member if you need to pay with cash"

UpNorthLive.com also posted the statement from the Meijer spokesperson about the change and what to do if you still need to pay with cash,

As a result of the national coin shortage caused by the pandemic, Meijer is temporarily converting the self-scan checkout lanes at most of our supercenters to credit/debit use only (they’ll also still accept Meijer gift cards and SNAP/EBT cards).

 Our staffed checkout lanes will continue to accept cash payments.

While we understand this effort may be frustrating to some customers, it’s necessary to manage the impact of the coin shortage on our stores. We appreciate our customers’ understanding and patience. Thanks.

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