Breakfast. Check. Lunch. Check. How about Dinner on "Talk like a Pirate" Day. And of course, an actual chain with a pirate's name in it's brand SHOULD have a Pirate's day offer, shouldn't they? Long John Silver's! Right on!

All day, walk into your local LJS and talk like a--you guessed it--Pirate, you get free Classic Whitefish. From "Long John Silver’s and Talk Like A Pirate Day Equal Freebie"

"Long John Silver’s is getting in on the fun of International Talk Like a Pirate Day which is Thursday, September 19th. Say “ARRR!” and get a piece of LJS Classic Whitefish for free."

There you have it, Talk like a Pirate day is here. A little secret. If you are anywhere near 28th street in Grand Rapids. There is a Long John Silvers', Krispy Kreme and Moe's about a mile all from each other. You could hit all 3 free food places in about 20 minutes. Maybe you will see me there!