I'm sure by now you have heard the term net neutrality -- the idea that the Internet is more like a utility (gas and electric) than just a normal service (cable and tv).

What does that mean for you, the internet user at large?

It means nothing. It means the internet will continue on pretty much like it is now.

That means you can continue to watch cat videos, debate over that white-and-gold dress (it really IS white and gold; come on people!)

And it means you can continue to shop online and waste time with stories like this: Katie Brown dissects the proper way to make a paper airplane.

Do you know who Katie Brown is?

Katie hails from Petoskey. She used to have her own PBS show (which is still on the Create channel--PBS' "HGTV" like sub digital channel) and now she writes for Yahoo. AND she has lots of time on her hands.

Ah, net neutrality. Thank you for keeping the Internet strong and free!

Katie and I thank you.

Vstock LLC/ThinkStock
Vstock LLC/ThinkStock

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