Netflix, the streaming video service, is shaking up the industry again. When it started releasing it's own brand of unique shows a couple of years ago, it all of a sudden became a TV show producing player. Now it threatens to mess with your children.

"While the childless might be popping champagne and staying out late, 87% of parents are planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their kids, according to a Wakefield Research survey conducted by Netflix.

Midnight, however, is a bit late for most youngsters. Already, 34% of parents “fool” their kids into thinking it’s midnight at an earlier time.

That is why Netflix created an on-demand countdown hosted by King Julien, the animated lemur from the company’s series “All Hail King Julien.” Families can start streaming it any time they please.
The three-minute New Year’s Eve countdown includes many of the dancing lemurs from the film and will be available to stream beginning Monday at

In a statement released by Netflix, the fictional king of the lemurs proclaimed he was changing the rules so that his young audience can celebrate the holiday.
“Move over, Ryan Seacrest, I’ve got my very own on-demand countdown party on Netflix,” King Julien “said” in a statement."

I gotta be honest, I wish Ryan Seacrest would move over anyway. I guess this is an OK thing...

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