We asked West Michigan to tell us what's something you should never say to someone from this side of the state and you weren't afraid to share what really gets under your skin. If you're an out-of-towner, take notes because these are things you shouldn't say to a West Michigander... according to West Michiganders.

"Can I Get a Soda"

No, but you may have a pop :)

"These Roads Suck"

Trust us, we already know.

"The Beer in Grand Rapids Sucks"

Clearly, you don't know good beer. It's "Beer City USA" for a reason.

"I'm From Ohio"/"Go Buckeyes"

The beef with Ohio goes way back.

"Is That Near Detroit?"

Detroit may be the biggest city in Michigan but that doesn't mean it's the only city. The west side of the state is a world of its own, with so much to offer. And just in case you're wondering Detroit is on the east side and we'll gladly show you on our hand.

"Can You Show Me Where That is on a Map?"

Psh. Who needs a map when you have your hand?

"What's a Meijer?"

It's like a Walmart but way better. It's a one-stop shop for everything you need.

"Kalamazoo... is that even a real city?"

Why wouldn't it be? It's also where you'll find Western Michigan University... home of the Broncos!

"I Like Canada Dry Better"

Nooo. It's all about Vernors! The cure all for everything! The next time you're feeling under the weather, go for a Vernors. Plus, it's way tastier than Canada Dry.

"What's Euchre?"

A card game that every True Michigander has played.

"Oceans are Better than Lakes"

There are so many reasons as to why lakes are GREATER (pun intended) but I'll go with the obvious: no sharks (and other weird sea creatures).

"How Many Miles is That?"

We speak in minutes not miles!

"It's So Cold" (50 degrees outside)

Michigan is mostly cold throughout the year so the second it hits 40-50° don't be surprised if you see us walking around in shorts and a t-shirt.

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