As much as technology is cool, I’m glad we weren’t as advanced as we are now when I was a kid.

I just read a story in Global Times about a new app the East China university is using to keep students from skipping class.

According to the Global Times story, at the beginning of class, the teacher gives the entire class a 4 digit code that’s only good for 30 seconds.  Students then have to get on app on their mobile device to enter the code or they get a call and message urging them to get to class.  Their advisor also gets a call that they’ve missed class.

As someone who regularly skipped class because I’d find the teacher’s weakness or loophole, this app feels like a prison; but as an adult that wants our future educated, I’m all about it.

Also, I’m glad I’ve graduated, and hope work doesn’t get any new ideas from this story.



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