Well if Lansing is good at one thing, it’s costing us money. A new bill just introduced could make renting a place in Michigan even more costly.

According to WZZM 13, State Rep. Peter Lucido, R-Shelby Township, introduced a bill to the state House of Representatives that would raise the amount a landlord could charge you for a deposit when renting housing from 1 and ½ months to 2-month rent plus $100.

Lucido said that landlords are dealing with rising cost for repairs after tenants move out and the possibility of people moving out with unpaid utilities.  He also said that if you’re a good renter and leave your place in good shape you’ll get your deposit back, so you’re really not out of the money in the long run (obviously he hasn’t rented, because you NEVER get it all back.) This is why he has introduced the new bill.

He was very concerned about people who maybe couldn’t afford two months’ rent plus $100 for a security deposit, (note sarcasm)  he told WZZM 13:

“The amount you can charge hasn’t been raised in a long time and it’s time to revisit,” he said. “And if a renter doesn’t have the money initially to move in, I don’t know how to cure that.”

I got an idea, introduce a bill that would lower our car insurance.



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