On Monday, Governor Whitmer signed into law House Bill 4051 which will create more mental health resources as WOODTV reported.

The new bill creates a statewide mental health hotline called "Michigan Cares Hotline" - CARES stands for Community, Access, Resources, Education and Safety. This line will operate much like the National Suicide Hotline but will be staffed and based in Michigan.  House Bill 4051 became a thing because of Rep. Mary Whiteford, a retired nurse representing Casco Township. According to WOODTV, "Her inspiration for the bill came from her experience as an emergency room nurse."

WOODTV says the governor wants to make sure anyone going through a mental health crisis has people to talk to that can help or offer other resources.

“As governor, my number one job is to protect the health and safety of all Michigan residents,” Whitmer said. “By creating a mental health hotline that will be available 24/7, we have taken a necessary step towards giving Michiganders the care they need.”

I'm really glad we're looking at mental health and realizing we need to do something for it. I hope a "local" hotline helps, but I also hope its merely the beginning of steps the state plans to take for better help and awareness of mental health issues.

WOODTV says there's no launch date on the new hotline.

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