Just when you thought you have seen everything a Michigan winter has to offer, check out this majestic 'ice angel' that formed near the lighthouse in New Buffalo.

The video was captured by Timeless Aerial Photography and shared to both Facebook and their YouTube channel.

Incredible New Buffalo Ice Angel Video

The ice formation appears to be at the end of a breakwater and may have naturally formed. That spot marks where the Galien River meets Lake Michigan.

Comments on the video show just how breathtaking this is:

Ok, so this formed naturally? Looks like a combination of an eagle and an angel!


It’s Mother Nature awesome!!

How long will this feature last? The video was uploaded on February 24, so winter is certainly waning and we've had a stretch of above-freezing temperatures.

You can see the breakwater where the ice angel formed in this Google Earth shot. The breakwater extends into the center of this image. New Buffalo's beach (and parking) is to the right and the marina and boat slips are to the left. Downtown New Buffalo is just out of frame below.

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ice angel location in new buffalo
Google Maps

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