The Detroit Lions have modified their famed 'jumping Lion' logo slightly, and it indicates the team may be returning to a time when they were slightly less sucky.

The team released a new logo and gone from the it is the black trim introduced by the evil Matt Millen back in the 2003 season, when the Lions slipped into super suckdom.

Millen had added it to the team colors in an effort to make the team appear tough like his former team, the Oakland Raiders. The idea failed miserably, as the Lions slipped to a winless season in 2008.

— The Detroit News (@detroitnews) February 1, 2017

The new logo is simply silver and blue, like the uniforms of the team during the most recent glory era, which I have to believe really happened but I'm not sure because it was before I was born. My Dad claimed it happened, so I believed it.

Also, it's been noted that most (not all) of the merchandise in the Lions fan store is mostly just silver and blue, with very little of that God awful black trim hanging around.

The black outline has also been removed from the logo on the Lions’ home page. The avatars for the team’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are also black-free.

The team is on record that there will be a change in the team's appearance in 2017 under new GM Bob Quinn. It looks as those that may include a return to the old color scheme.

What the Lions looked like in the good, really old days:

Detroit Lions
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