Porch Pirates look out, there is a new law in effect beginning December 16.

According to WZZM, as online shopping becomes more popular, getting packages delivered to the home has never been higher, and neither has the amount of porch theft.

In September, a new Michigan law was put into place that makes the easy to pull off crime of stealing from someone's porch a punishable crime. The law will kick in December 16.

Unfortunately the law does nothing to actually catch people stealing packages from your porch but hopefully will be more of a deter-ant.

A person caught the first time for porch pirating will get a misdemeanor but the second time it becomes a felony.

If you have been ripped off by a porch pirate, you need to report the crime especially if you have video. Your report and video can been sent straight to a detective so they can start working your case immediately.

It will definitely help if you have some sort of camera on your porch but also work with your neighbors on keeping an eye out on each other and to report anything suspicious.

Authorities hope the new law keeps people from the temptation of swiping a package from the porch but only time will tell if this new law is having any kind of impact on the amount of packages being stolen.

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