Terry Sawchuk was perhaps one of the most talented NHL goalies ever. But his life seemed to careen off the track quite a bit and it ended tragically.

A new biopic "Goalie" is based on Sawchuk's short life. here's the trailer.

Sawchuk was with the Detroit Red Wings during their early '50s glory years, leading the team to three Stanley Cups. He was the premier goalie of his era, but the sport took a toll on him, and he struggled with depression and drinking issues.

He died at the age of 41 from injuries suffered in a fight with a friend.

Notice in this trailer from the movie 'Goalie' that the NHL did not approve the making of this film, so the team uniforms are not authentic. The classic Detroit Red Wing logo has been made into a post modern mess.

The movie will be released in March.


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