Here's what to expect as the Casinos reopen in Michigan this week. I was able to visit a casino out of state that opened last week. So want to show what the new norm looks like so you're prepared.

Soaring Eagle in Mt Pleasant opened this morning at 8AM. And Gun Lake Casino reopening June 8th at 8AM with their Play It Safe Initiative. Initial hours 8AM to 3AM daily. Poker room closed for now.

Entrances are limited. You get in line 6 feet from next patron. Face Masks are required at at all times. So if you show up without one, one will be provided before you get in line. You walk, don't have to stop as walk by the Infrared Temp is checked and then you're in.

This casino was allowing people to still smoke which in some ways defeats the purpose of wearing a mask at all time. Soaring Eagle will be non-smoking for now and Gun Lake only in designated areas.

Table games - There used to be 6 players now only 4. Check out the pictures of the Plexiglass between you and the dealer and the other players. I must say it is sometimes hard to hear the dealer and them hearing you with everyone wearing a mask. Interesting at this casino the Texas Hold Em Poker was limited number of players which in a lot ways makes it tougher for you to win.

Slots - Most rows only had the end game open with 2 slot machines closed in between you and other players.

Restaurants - were open and at table were spread out. This was one place where you were allowed to take off your mask.

Bars - Tables were set away from the bar and there was no one allowed to belly up to the bar.

As for Masks At All Times rule - you will notice several people pulling their mask below their nose or down off their face - really defeats the reason why they want you to wear one.

Sanitizing - Was really impressed with the amount of people wiping down slot machines after each use.

This casino was Hard Rock in Tampa that's been very busy it's first week. And look I was lucky enough to get some of my money back on Blazin' 7's.

Blazin' 7's was able to win a little money back.
Plexiglass the new look of table games. Glass protects you from the dealer and the other players. Takes a while to get used to.
Social Distancing at Slot Machines.
New Norm only the slot machines at the end are open. You finally have extra space.
One more look at a row of slot machines. 3 closed down in the middle here. By 3p on a Saturday all the machines were packed.