Oreo Cookies have a knack of being flavored or colored just in time for holidays. Easter and Halloween flavored and colored Oreos hit the stores weeks before the special days.

"The latest limited edition Oreos, with red cookies and cream cheese-flavored filling, are set to hit shelves in early February. The red velvet variety marks the first time Oreo has had a new cookie color since 2004, when the Golden Oreo debuted.

Red velvet cake has been around for decades. The cake is distinguished by its dark red color and often has a cream cheese icing. The flavor has gained a following in recent years in everything from cupcakes to whoopie pies. The red velvet version is set to be in U.S. stores on Feb. 2."

The filings have changed a bunch of times, but the actual cookie color doesn't change often. This is kind of big. You can also order cookies online ahead of the release date at this website.


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