The timing may not be the greatest, but the classic ads with the heart spun music, and the Tim Allen voice over are back.

Michigan is probably only known for one thing nationally right now, and that's a dramatic uptick in Covid-19. So planning a trip here may not be on the top of everyone's mind.

However, the show must go on, and let's face it, the Pure Michigan ads are not only good at bringing tourists to our door step, they're also good at making Michiganders feel good about their home, so let's take it from THAT standpoint.

And if last summer was any indicator, a lot of us spent it getting reacquainted with our home, because camping sites were darn hard to come by at times.

The new campaign will start with a regional ad called 'Let's Catch Up', which once again features the beauty of our state lined up with Allen's sanguine voice encouraging us to measure our life in moments, not minutes.

Covid or not, these ads always hit me in the feels.

By the way, if you never knew, the music to these ads is the title music from the movie "Cider House Rules", which was released in 1999.

A couple of classics are being rolled out with the new ad, like this one from 2017, "Perfect Summer".

And this one, called "Wish You Were Here".


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