They say it was a weird accident and because the test dummies had a leak, but really?  I’m still not convinced.

Here’s what I’m talking about, a story on WNEM about the GaleForce Coaster in Ocean City, New Jersey at Playland’s Castaway Cove.  The other day they were testing the new coaster with test dummies in the cars when two of the dummies flew out and hit a nearby hotel.

According to WNEM park officials say that nothing malfunctioned on the ride and it was an unfortunate incident where the two test dummies sprung a leak and when they deflated, it made them easy to slip under the safety harness.

They told the news outlet they’ve run the ride two hours a day every day since the incident with nothing… but still, all I can think is, what if I’m so scared I spring a leak or two and slip out of the safety harness.  Probably not going to happen, but it’s now a worry I live with.

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