Have you ever wanted to name something people see every single day? Or, maybe you're the special sort of crazy that would rather name something people see every single day AFTER YOURSELF!

While the naming rights to Van Andel arena and the Ford airport aren't up for grabs quite yet, there are still options to get your namesake as something that people interact with on a day to day basis.

The City of Jackson, Michigan is looking for your help when it comes to naming their new snowplows. Instead of boring numbers or generic names, they've opened up the polls for community submitted names for the new fleet. Which could be the perfect opportunity to test out your pun writing skills.

While, we have a few suggestions, Michigan is already known for our plows with eccentric names. You'll find everything from celebrity puns to local laughs, so now is your time to submit a name that could be clearing roads for years to come.

Some of our favorites from other districts include:

  • I'd Rather Be at the Beach
  • Salt Salt Baby
  • Orange Yooper Storm Trooper
  • Superior Snowbuster
  • UP Winter Force

But don't let everyone else have all of the fun - If you would like to submit a name, you can do it via the city website and have until Friday January 21st at 5pm to submit yours. We suggest Plowy McPlowface, but what do we know?

And in case you need some inspiration, here are some of the best names of Michigan Department of Transportation Snow Plows

10 MDOT Snow Plow Names That We Can't Stop Laughing At

Each one of the snowplows that hit the road to help keep Michigan roads clean each winter comes with a unique name, and these are some of the best ones we found.

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