Here is a little "heads up" alert. Van Andel Arena has implemented new security procedures that will affect us all. So the next time you're headed downtown to a concert or hockey game, it may take a bit longer to get in.

We all accept the fact that we want a safe environment when attending an event at the arena. So, SMG, the management company that run the arena, is adding some new steps to keep it that way.

They are beginning a new security screening policy, which includes a visual inspection and metal detection screening of all patrons, vendors and contractors entering the venue on game and event days. This means that the pass through metal detectors that you may have seen if you have attended an event at the arena recently will be in use for all events going forward.

In addition, a new bag policy is in place for all guests attending events. The arena’s updated bag policy requires that bags must be 14” x 14” x 6” or smaller in order to be brought inside the venue. On event days, staff, vendors and guests entering the front of the building to access the Box Office or administrative office will have all bags screened and tagged prior to entry into the facility. Backpacks are not permitted, and diaper bags and medical bags will be permitted only following search and full security screening.

A full list of prohibited items can be found on the HERE on the Van Andel Arena website.

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