The New York Times has a "Letter of Recommendation" section, where they write about things you should try. They recommend many different things to readers: books, food, taking your baby to work, music, lifestyle ideas, and more. In April 20th's issue, the recommendation?

Michigan. First state ever recommended by The New York Times!

The author, Eric Spitznagel, was born and raised in Michigan, and after moving away, still retains his love for the Mitten. He surprised his fiancee with a Petosky stone, and she didn't get it. But he doesn't mind.

His mom was afraid that Bono would be moving the all of U2 to Michigan, after he visited Mario Batali up in Leelanau. She was THAT certain he would fall in love with the state.

He admits to Michigan's faults, too:

We know that Michigan has its faults: lake-effect snow, roads that resemble post-World War II Dresden, a hollowed-out auto industry and Detroit, the only U.S. city with an annual holiday dedicated to looting and fires.

via The New York Times Magazine

But he waxes poetic about the state's good side, and every Michigander's fear that the state will be overrun with people moving here.

There are great things about the state, and it's easy to fall in love with our Mitten. We have everything from beaches, to woods, to cities, to Michael Moore, to Ted Nugent, the Lions, the Tigers, the Red Wings...and of course, all the best of the Great Lakes!

Check out Eric Spitznagel's story at The New York Times, and celebrate our state being the first ever recommended by The New York Times.

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