I've heard of service animals on planes...but a service horse?

According to WZZM, Ronica Froese's of Newaygo County, Michigan, loves her miniature horse Fred and he is now her service animal.

Froese said, "I've loved horses my entire life, they are my spirit animal. 6 years ago I wanted a horse at home and the only property size I have is for a miniature horse."

Froses traveld to Kansas to pick up the horse but the horse was not real healthy so the two bonded when she was taking care of him.

Ronica trained Fred to be a service animal in order to help her control a medical condition called IBD, or irritable bowel disease. Fred is able to grab things and bring them to her and now can also fly with her.

Froese said, "Fred was absolutely spectacular on all 4 flights, American Airlines was wonderful, TSA, Gerald R Ford, Dallas, Ontario, the overall consensus of our trip, 90 percent of the people that we met were so excited to meet him."

Apparently not everyone was thrilled she had a horse with her on a plane. Froese said, "one lady said I own miniature horses and I'd never take them on the plane and I was like that's because you are not capable of training them like I am."

Since many animal owners have abused the service animal policy on planes, Froese is not sure how much longer she will be able to take Fred on the plane with her.

Froese said, "people try and avoid the pet fee, it is out of control, a lady tried to take a peacock on a plane, let's be realistic."

Ronica travels with the horse to take him to children's hospitals and nursing homes which is a part of a non profit charity called Little Horses Big Smiles.

I wonder if the horse has to wear a diaper on the plane?

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