Ace Metrix has unveiled its top 10 holiday commercials.

Nintendo, Ebates, Mazda and Amazon topped the list.

Advertisers used a variety of creative tools to capture consumer attention including heartwarming stories, charitable giving, festive humor and celebrity spokespeople, said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “While unsurprisingly dominated by retail brands, an eclectic mix of advertisers demonstrated their creative savvy with ads rich in family and good cheer."

  • 10


    The Grinch and Santa Claus interact in Nationwide's commercial titled "Brand New Belongings: Holiday."

  • 8 (tie)


    PetSmart's holiday commercial is all about saying thanks to your pets. Give thanks for all the joy and inspiration your pets give you.

  • 8 (tie)

    Home Depot

    Home Depot's holiday commercial is all about "making more merry."

  • 7


    Subway's holiday ad was all about its customer appreciation celebration.

  • 5 (tie)


    Walmart's Christmas commercial was about giving a veteran a holiday surprise.

  • 5 (tie)


    Kohl's Christmas commercial was about holiday magic with a musical assist from Electric Light Orchestra's "Magic" song.

  • 4

    Amazon Fire TV

    Amazon Fire TV's holiday commercial was titled "Rom-Coms" and featured Jimmy Johnson at the Fox Sports studio all night watching his favorite "rom-coms."

  • 3


    Mazda's Christmas commercial shared the tale of Braeden Mannering. He was Mazda's Drive for Good Contest winner. His Newark, Del., charity, 3B: Brae’s Brown Bags, won $30,000 in goods and services  through Mazda’s initiative.

  • 2


    Ebates' Christmas commercial is all about paying it forward.

  • 1


    Nintendo's Christmas commercial on video games, of course, titled, spoiler alert, "Dad loses." The commercial features a family playing Mario Kart 8 together in split screen, with the dad betting his two children breakfast in bed for a week if he wins. Of course, he loses.

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