I must have seen this come up over 100 times on my Facebook feed this weekend. It took less than thirty seconds to debunk it. 

I became skeptical at an early age when neighborhood bullies would try and steal my lunch money using false promises of comic books. After a few lessons learned the hard way, I figured out that if something sounds to good to be true, it usually is.

Thus, when ALDI grocery stores CEO Jason Hart was promising EVERYBODY who commented or shared their post a free box of food worth $75 delivered to your door, my spidey senses began to tingle. Words like "everybody" always are a signal that something is off.

The post, which originates from a Facebook page called "Aldi Store" which is NOT ALDI's Facebook page. ALDI's page is "Aldi USA".

So what is the end game of the scam. According to the web site onlinethreatalerts.com, it's to spam you with ads, trying to lure you into giving up your personal info.

Once the scammers behind fake the post have enough Facebook users, they will start sending them spam (unsolicited messages) with links that will take potential victims to phishing websites that will steal their information, or malicious links that will take them to dangerous websites that will infect their computers with Spyware or Trojan horse. The scammers may also send fraudulent messages claiming that their potential victims are so-called lottery winners and they need to send money in order to claim their prizes.

Let's be careful out there on this Cyber Monday. Bad people want your data, and they're working overtime to get it.

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