Everyone including the president is pushing for the Big 10 to reconsider playing football this fall. And I'm still in shock that unless something happens in the next two weeks there will be no Michigan or Michigan State football this fall.

This week we get to see more NFL football on Thursday with Houston and the Super Bowl winner Kansas Chiefs, plus more teams on Sunday. And now the weather feels like fall football, too. So what college team do we watch on Saturdays this Fall?

Last week we gave you the rundown of teams to root for in the AAC last Saturday including the killer mascot from SMU. And before that we profiled the SEC and Big 12 conferences.

But maybe the team we watch this fall is right under our noses just south of Michigan in Indiana. And they have a reputation of being strong competition for both Michigan and Michigan State. That team is the University of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame v Stanford
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NOTRE DAME - IRISH: If you're a football fan you already know a lot about the Irish and Touchdown Jesus in South Bend. Notre Dame coach is still Brian Kelly. Team colors are Navy Blue and Gold, but Green is acceptable too. Mascot is a Leprechaun and they usually a red bearded student to play that role. The Irish have preseason rating at #10 in the AP Top 25.

USC v Notre Dame
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Summary: This season Notre Dame will be playing in the ACC The Atlantic Coast Conference. So the Irish should have a good shot of winning a lot of games. While I'll miss the games against the Michigan teams...the team I'm adopting this fall looks like Notre Dame - Go Irish.

Notre Dame plays Duke Saturday at 2:30 which should be an easy win.

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