Free school breakfasts and lunches are not guaranteed for Michigan students this year and within two years may go away.

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Michigan School Lunches

Elementary Pupils Enjoying Healthy Lunch In Cafeteria

I grew up going to Michigan schools but that was a long time ago and they didn't do the breakfasts back then either. My mom usually made me lunch but on some occasions, I would get a school lunch but we had to pay for our milk.

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I was very lucky to have a mom who would make me that brown bag lunch (lunch pail when I was really little) and a dad who was able to provide so we were able to purchase lunch if needed. This is not the case for every child who currently attends school.

Free Breakfast and Lunches May Go Away at Michigan Schools


Many area students qualify for free breakfasts and lunches, but it is not a guarantee this school year.

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According to FOX 17, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has not been given any approval by Congress to greenlight free breakfast and lunch for all students regardless of their household income.

In the past couple years all students qualified for free meals because of the pandemic.

A group of cheerful small school kids in canteen, eating lunch and talking.

Our school districts just do not have the funds to provide free breakfasts and lunches to all students without government funding.

How Can Parents Get Help With School Lunches For Their Kids


The best thing to do is contact your local school district asap and apply for free and reduced lunches. Do not wait to get this done. It's not just low-income households that can apply, even if you're a middle-income household you may be surprised that your family may qualify.

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