But some people using her name did, and wound up $7000 richer.

People using celebrity names did well when filing for Unemployment Benefits here in the state of Michigan.

You may have remembered the scammer who used of photo of 'Jim' from 'The Office' to bilk the State of Michigan last year, well, now some people using Traverse City addresses have upped the game and claimed they were out of work Kardashians.

Even though the long running 'reality' show 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians is ending this season, the family has several billion dollars and really doesn't need any help.

But that didn't stop two enterprising scammers from up north.

Apparently someone filed unemployment claims in May 2020 under “Kimberly Kardashian” and “Kylie Jenner” with an address in Traverse City – about four hours northwest of Detroit.

Since nobody bothered to check, those two got eight weeks of backdated unemployment pay – more than $7-thousand each. By the time the state’s fraud management software flagged the claims, it was too late.

Slowly, but surely, the Attorney General's Office has been catching up to some of the scammers, with three residents getting charged this week. But it's not fast enough for those who REALLY need the cashflow.

Many claimants had to requalify for benefits beginning on Monday, which is probably a pain in the ass. So here's hoping that 'Kim' and 'Kylie' get cauhgt, and as punishment are forced to live in the hell of a bureaucracy run-around for the rest of their time here on earth.

Is that too cruel?

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