I totally understand the Michigan US Postal Services union president when he says "I think the Postal Service is willfully jumping into a death spiral. They continue to lower service, slow down the mail and provide less options for our customers, and I think the loss in revenues will far outweigh any short-term gains in saved expenses." But he also has to know. Change is happening. Here's the first step.

WZZM TV 13 has the story from the AP "Postal Service to cut Saturday mail to trim costs" The change will start on August 1st. The Postal Service will continue to deliver packages six days a week. So if you have to get that letter by a Saturday, put it in a box and pay the $3.99. Bet this will really speed up using electronic mailing services to almost eliminate the traditional mail service as we know it.

The wired phone. The answering machine. The video store. Now the mail. It was a good ride while it lasted.