UPDATE: The Detroit News reports that after the deadline, two interested parties have stepped forward. Bill Powell and Dan Pelchat, both 34, say they have filed to run for mayor.

It seems no one wants to be mayor in South Lyon, Michigan.

The Detroit Free Press reports that no one has filed to run for mayor of the Metro Detroit city. The filing deadline was Tuesday at 4p.m.

Current mayor, John Galeas, says he's decided not to run for reelection:

"It takes a considerable amount of time which, if I am being honest and fair to myself and the people, I just don't have the time available anymore with my current career/job and personal life. I deeply care about the city of South Lyon for the right reasons."

Galeas cites issues with members of the city council, who he says question every decision to the point of holding up progress:

It's just about impossible to get much accomplished making everything about them and not the residents. I am so positively wired — maybe too much at times — that I have had a difficult time trying to figure out their agenda is. It sure isn't representing the city in a responsible way and is part of the reason I am not running for reelection."

According to the Detroit Free Press, it has not been made clear how the city will handle the lack of mayoral candidates.

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