Long Road Distillers made a really cool mini documentary highlights the journey they took to making a Gin with ingredients from West Michigan.

Introducing Long Road MICHIGIN, a spirit as unique as the peninsula that inspired its creation. This seasonal release was developed to showcase that world class gin could be made using ingredients exclusively from our great state.

MICHIGIN’s base is Red Winter Wheat from a farmer we know by name. and flavored with a unique line-up of Michigan botanicals.

As with all gins, juniper is the star of the show - but unlike others, MICHGIN has a sense of place. Harvested by hand on Beaver Island, the juniper used in MICHIGIN provides fresh, bright flavors and a taste you can only get from Michigan’s West Coast.

The remaining botanicals have been sourced from throughout the Mitten from small farms, fields and friends, highlighting the abundant agricultural diversity of the Great Lakes State.

Long Road Distillers via YouTube

Good Lord ... 200 pounds of those tiny berries while sea sick? Woof. These guys really are passionate.

Now, if my alcohol knowledge is up to par once upon a time Gin was considered a medicine. Then people figured out how to make martini's and the rest is shaken not stirred history.

I'll take mine with some orange juice though thank you very much.

Gotta fight off the scurvy you see.

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