Like a lot of businesses, a small, family-owned grocery store in northern Michigan is requiring customers wear masks, but as Up North Live notes, they're taking a different approach when it comes to enforcing the rule.

What if a customer doesn't have one? Well, they can buy one at Honor Family Market in Benzie County for a $1, or a sign out front of the store reads, they can pay a $10 "hazardous service" charge. The sign asks that shoppers be courteous and respectful and reminds them this policy is for the safety of not only staff, but for shoppers too.

Up North Live
Up North Live

When someone asked about the charge in a comment on Honor Family Market's Facebook page, the store responded that they haven't actually charged anyone:

We have not charged anyone. With the influx of guests from all over the country we are enforcing the mask rule. No mask no service, unless you have a medical issue.

The store also says they have curbside service available.

Multiple shoppers interviewed by Up North Live support the store.

Customer Joanne Walrad said,

"I’m so glad they are doing this. I’m sick of going into stores where no one has a mask on. Thank you, Honor Family Market.”

Honor Family Market owners did not comment on the sign to Up North Live, but an employee says they are just trying to do the right thing.

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