Once again, a Michigan singer is making waves on the NBC singing competition 'The Voice'.

Lauren Duski, a country singer from Gaylord has advanced to the next round on the NBC series with a beautiful take on the Bryan White song 'Someone Else's Star'. I even think her version is better than the original.

The stunning performance enabled Lauren to get voted into the final 12.

Duski, who is on Team Blake, headed by country legend Blake Shelton, has wowed both the judges on the show and outside critics with her crystal clear voice, that EW's Amanda Bell has called Duski 'some kinda magical combination of Celine Dion’s elegance and Martina McBride’s power note strength.'

TV Line's Charlie Mason has also become a fan of Lauren, saying in this week's recap that Duski's 'understated, emotional delivery won you over from the start of the season and, I’ll admit it, has totally won me over, too. (Late to the party, yeah, but at least I got there.)'

Duski's run is the third length yrun on the show by a Michigan singer, which airs locally on WOOD-TV 8. Traverse City's Joshua Davis was a finalist in 2015, and Ann Arbor's Laith Al-Saadi made the final four in 2016.

The daughter of a dentist, Duski went to Dental School, only to return to her passion of singing, after being encouraged by some friends, Marvin and Ann Gillis. Duski now works as a caretaker for Ann, who has ALS.





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